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Actor Set Bag Checklist
an image displaying text that reads, "Free download. Actor Set Bag Checklist. don't be "that" know, the one who leaves everyone on-set cringing. Say goodbye to: (then in bullet points) your endless requests, last-minute scrambles, unprepared chaos, eye-rolling reactions. There is also a graphic of a stickman waving with a speach bubble with the text "bye" inside of it.
Text image stating: "In this FREE checklist I'm sharing my top 10 must-have items you don't want to forget to bring to set!"
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Actor Set Bag Checklist
Image of text: "Actors here's the truth: Not having your individual essentials on hand can create a sense of vulnerability and unease. You can't leave to chance that the makeup, wardrobe, craft service departments etc... will have the specific things YOU may require. The absense of YOUR personal necessary items can leave you feeling unprepared for unexpected challenges and then potentially hinder you in delivering your best performance. A prepped set bag allows you to concentrat on being the superstar you were born to be. Discover the TOP 10 essential items for any film/commercial/TV set. Be sure your personal necessities are conveniently at your fingertips. Ensure you are fully prepared for any on-set adventure".

I'm Kimberly Crandall and for over two decades, I've called Hollywood home, not just as an actor but as a coach, a mentor, and a cheerleader for hundreds of aspiring performers.

Publicity red carpet photograph of actor James Pitt with the quote in text, "Kimberly is this amazing little powerhouse of Hollywood knowledge."
Publicity photos of twin actresses Ansley and Adeline Kerns.  Text is testiomonial that reads, "Ms. Kimberly is our Mary Poppins...She's a wealth of knowledge and extremely talented."
Publicity photo of Australian actor and singer Sebastien Skubala.  Text is testimonial, "She is more than a coach, she is an industry mentor..."
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I've had my fair share of "ugh" moments in showbiz, learning the ropes the hard way with some unforgettable experiences that left me thinking...


  1. Picture this: major Hollywood film, I'm cast as a glamorous 1940s movie star, and I'm convinced my character needs false eyelashes. The makeup artist agrees! But on the first day of shooting, she realizes she's out of falsies! Ugh!Β  Lesson learned: now I carry a spare pair in my set bag for those lash emergencies.

  2. Another day, on-set of a television show, and my contact lens decides to call it quits with an untimely tear. To make matters worse, I didn't pack any backups. Ugh!Β  Now, my set bag doubles as a mini optical store, complete with spare lenses for any unexpected eye-related drama.

  3. It's practically a tradition on every set I grace – some fellow actor asks if I can do them a solid while on-set and stash their phone in my bag. Ugh!Β  I'm not running a mobile phone daycare here, folks! Carry your own bag.

Embrace preparation, and have the confidence to let your talent shine!

Text: Actor Set Bag Checklist. Be sure you're fully prepared for any on-set adventure". Image is of a computer monitor showing several graphic pages of the set bag checklist.

🌟Lights, Camera, Preparedness!🌟

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