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From wide-eyed kids to seasoned professionals, I've witnessed the magic that happens when someone truly steps into their own. I don't just teach the technicalities – I ignite the spark within, creating a fun and supportive space where actors can explore, grow, and master their craft. Seeing my students land series-regular roles, grace the silver screen, and even conquer Broadway – that has been my ultimate reward.

Speaking of conquering screens, I've had my fair share of adventures myself.  I’ve been on numerous TV shows, worked in films opposite Oscar winners JK Simmons and Jeremy Irons and Oscar nominated James Franco. Too see more of my personal career highlights  CHECK IT OUT HERE

I've navigated the industry's highs and lows. And every on-set experience fuels my coaching. I share not just acting craft & technical expertise, but real-world wisdom gleaned from my years in the Hollywood trenches.

My reach extends far beyond Los Angeles, working with actors across the globe – from Australia to South America, Europe to Canada. I've even had the privilege of sharing my knowledge with students at Columbia College Chicago. Whether it's in a bustling group class or a one-on-one session, my goal is always the same: to empower actors to reach their fullest potential, with the confidence and tools to thrive in this crazy, exhilarating world we call show business.

So, if you're ready to AWAKEN YOUR CREATIVE PASSION, I'm here to guide you. Let's embark on this journey together, one scene, one audition, one dream at a time. Your spotlight awaits!

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My Truth?


"I'm fueled by caffeine, sarcasm and Netflix binging sessions -  Hey, just keeping it real!"

Photo of actress/coach Kimberly Crandall laughing while enjoying a cup of coffee.

My Truth?


"I'm fueled by caffeine, sarcasm and Netflix binging sessions -  Hey, just keeping it real!"

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Photo of actor/coach Kimberly Crandall wearing a graphic t-shirt with text that reads, "Well-behaved women seldom make history"
Publicity photo of actor/coach Kimberly Crandall with text of a Pablo Picasso quote that reads, "Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working"
Photo of actor/coach Kimberly Crandall at the Television Academy in North Hollywood, California
Publicity photo of actress/coach Kimberly Crandall with text that reads, "ACTORS - Daily Affirmations - Ready? Repeat after me! "I release any fear or doubt and embrace the confidence that comes from standing up for what I believe in"
Photograph of a computer monitor during a headshot photography shoot of actress Kimberly Crandall
Photo of acting coach Kimberly Crandall with text that reads "Needing to binge some great TV & movies??? Check out some of my amazing coaching students that can be seen in the following..." and hashtag proud coach
publicity headshot of actor/coach Kimberly Crandall with inspiration text "discipline is choosing to sacrifice what you want now to get what you earned later"
Photograph of actress/acting coach Kimberly Crandall and coaching client/actor TJ Wright laughing and pointing at each other
Photograph of a pink flower in gold vase next to a coffee mug with a glitter gold unicorn on it with the text "A friend told me I was delusional. I almost fell off my unicorn"
Photograph of actress/acting coach Kimberly Crandall standing in front of an audition selftape setup of a camera, lighting equipment and a backdrop. The text "ps you got this" is on the wall and text "audition tip".
Collage photograph of Acting teaching Kimberly Crandall teacing a group class of smiling happy looking young student actors on zoom at the acting school
Actress Kimberly Crandall and her cute dog Miley.  Miley is wearing a blue Grand Poo Bah elks lodge type of a hat with a red buffalo representing the Buffalo Bills football team.
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