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Let’s be honest, “any” actor can memorize and say lines...but it’s the SPECIFIC CHOICES trained actors make that help them truly excel and rise above the rest.

Graphic showing a sign post with several different sign arrows with text "good choice" in all different directions. Graphics of confused people wondering things.  Text: Sure, sounds great...but just HOW do you DO that?
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Since privates are dedicated sessions focusing on the individual growth of one actor (as opposed to a traditional group class setting) actors tend to expand their craft, skillset, and technique at a much more accelerated pace.

Text images stating vital key acting elements: emotion work, scene breakdown, character analysis
Graphic of text showing: comedy skills, success mindset, and much more
Photo of actor/coach Kimberly Crandall holding a letterboard with the text, "Don't wish for it more than you work for it"
This isn't just training... it's a dynamic roadmap to elevate your craft and ultimately unleash the actor within you.


Step into a passionate pursuit of excellence, where each lesson propels you towards a thriving, exciting, and inspired acting career.

Headshot publicity photo of actor Joshua Weatherby.  Text is a written testimonial: "Joshua booked a big network episodic immediately after his first session..."
Moving word graphic gif stating: "Stay ready so you don't have to get ready"
Publicity photograph of Australian actor Sebastien Skubala. Text is a written testimonial: "She is more than a coach, she is an industry mentor..."

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Your BIG BREAK, your AMAZING OPPORTUNITY, your audition/booking that leads to YOUR LIFE CHANGING MOMENT.... could be right around the corner.  Make sure you're ready to shine like the bright star you are!!

Availability is VERY limited. With my success rate in Hollywood my time slots do tend to fill up very quickly - don’t delay, reach out today.

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