Publicity photo of actress & acting coach Kimberly Crandall.  Photo of pink notebook with the writing "Don't be like the rest of them darling" on it.  Text: Career Consultations with Coach Kimberly. Need a clear path to success?  Bullet points: a step-by-step specific plan curated just for YOU and Guidance from someone who's been there.  For adult actors 18+ and parents of child actors.

Are you feeling unsure of your professional direction and struggling to navigate the complexities of the entertainment industry?

Graphic image of two pink baloons floating in the air with a "yay" balloon floating below them.  Text: "Overwhelm out! Clarity, focus and confidence in!.

GET customized career consultations tailored to meet YOUR unique needs - encompassing a range of areas, including but not limited to:

Text: Demo Reel & Clips. Graphic image of a slate clapper board and film reel.

I DON'T...

  • have ANY footage, what am I supposed to do?
  • know what clips I need
  • feel my current reel edit is showcasing my best work 
  • have a clue about how to edit at all, please help!

I will review your current footage to ensure you present yourself optimally, refining edits, modifying titles, and  suggesting cuts.

If additional footage is required, I'll help identify character types and emotions to enhance and fully round out your package.

Ultimately creating an action plan for you with tips on how to edit existing footage and/or obtaining new clips.

Text: Agent and Manager Search Graphic: An agent at a desk with computer speaking on the phone with a speech bubble that reads, "Your materials are sharp and intriguing, let's setup a meeting!"

I AM...

  • tired of reaching out to agents/managers and hearing "🦗crickets🦗"!
  • not sure which agents or managers to target.
  • done feeling like I'm spinning in circles.

Unlock the doors to your new representation by enhancing your chance of making a compelling and impactful submission! 

I will give specific steps to help you curate your specific agent/manager reach-out submission list.

Including actionable useful tips & pointers to find their contact information.

I’ll show you a variety of engaging methods on how to submit in a way that will make them take notice.

Text: Seeking representation cover letter. Graphics of a woman holding a clipboard with piece of paper that shows green "do's", and a man holding a clipboard with a piece of paper that states in red writing "don'ts"

I DON'T...

  • know what I'm supposed to share exactly.
  • want to sound desperate (even though I feel it).
  • have any credits yet.
  • have anything interesting to say about myself.

I can help you sprinkle some fairy dust on your cover letter and make it sparkle!

I'll take out the guess work and demystify the process so you know what types of information they're actually looking for and exactly what is going to help you to stand out from the crowd and shine!

They'll be excited to meet you from your cover letter alone before they even click to view your online profile.


You can only make a "good first impression" ONCE - make sure you're putting your best foot forward!

Text: Headshot Lookbook with a graphic showing an actor and photographer during a headshot photos shoot.  Text: "help, what different looks do I really need?"


  • figuring out my different types/looks.
  • creating a lookbook prior to my headshot session.
  • choosing the best photographer for me.
  • choosing which headshots to select after my shoot.


I will guide you in discerning the various character types and looks that best represent your range as an actor. 

I’ll help create the powerful tool you need: a comprehensive headshot lookbook to provide your photographer with a clear roadmap for understanding your vision. This ensures a well-orchestrated session harmonizing your goals with the photographer's expertise, to capture a range of compelling images showcasing your diverse types.

After your shoot, I can also assist in selecting which headshots authentically capture the essence of each persona and enhance your professional portfolio. 

Headshots are you're calling card to get you in the door - trust me, you don't want to skimp in this area. Set yourself up for success ahead of time!

Text: EPK Actor Package and "How do I put this all together in one compelling package??"  Graphic image on an actor with his hands up in the air in confusion and a question mark about his head.  Other graphic images above his head show: headshot, resume, behind the scenes photos, press clippings, demo reel and clips

I DON'T...

  • know what I should include.
  • want to approach agents in the same way as every other actor, boring!
  • really know the difference of a traditional resume vs an acting resume.
  • know how to stand out from the crowd.

Your Actor Package - Electronic Press Kit (EPK) serves as a powerful promotional tool. Together, we delve into identifying your unique selling points ensuring they are highlighted strategically.

You’ll get guidance on structuring your package to grab industry professionals' attention with an EPK that leaves a lasting impression and opens doors in this competitive entertainment industry.

Just starting out and think you have nothing to showcase?

That's ok!  I specialize in uncovering the unique aspects of your journey and talents, ensuring that your EPK not only stands out but authentically represents the depth of your potential in the entertainment industry.

Text: Interview Technique with graphics of a talent agent inteviewing an actor.  Above the talent agent is a speech bubble that reads, "So, tell me about yourself." Above the actors head is a speech bubble that reads, "Uh...right.  Well, um..."


  • feeling caught like a deer in the headlights!
  • not knowing what parts of my life to share.
  • a lack of confidence in showing my true self and my personality.
  • uncertainty on what questions I should and shouldn't ask them.

Navigating an agent/manager interview is a crucial skill for actors, and I specialize in providing comprehensive guidance to ensure you have the know-how and confidence to put your best foot forward.

We will do a mock interview in a supportive environment where you can practice and refine your responses.  I will offer personalized ideas highlighting what works and suggesting improvements. You will learn how to handle various questions gracefully. 

Not only will you gain valuable advice but you’ll end up feeling empowered to express your authenticity enabling you to be yourself during interviews and allowing your true brilliance to shine.


text writing:  client testimonials
Headshot of actress Kaitlyn Lowe. Text is a testimonial: "I am now working with a top NYC commercial agent..."
Headshot of actor Uni Vinalong. Text is a testimonial that states: "She truly knows her stuff about the business..."

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With my 24+ years of experience as a coach & working actor I CAN HELP YOU eliminate the guesswork to expedite the journey towards achieving your goals!


Reach out today - if you're ready to:
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  • Elevate your career if you've been in the biz awhile but not quite where you envisioned you'd be at this point.
  • Embrace renewed energy & optimism and move beyond moments of exhaustion and frustration, redirecting your efforts towards a fulfilling career!
A sign post with two signes each pointing in opposite directions.  One sign says "path". The other sign says "no path".  Text: This isn't just about 'acting''s really about YOUR FUTURE! Isn't it worthwhile to invest time and energy now to ensure you are on a PATH TO SUCCESS?"
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