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Client Testimonials & Fun Photos!

Photo of actor Lindsay Kilgore. Text quote: "After just one session with her, I immediately booked a commercial."
Photo of actress Brooke Monroe and actress and coach Kimberly Crandall.  Text quote: "Brooke has truly flourished as an actress from her classes with Kimberly...she booked a lead in a movie and a TV series..."
Photo of actor Vince Brocato. Text quote: "She is the best teacher for a beginning or veteran actor!"
Photo of actor Kaitlyn Lowe. Text quote: "I am not working with a top NYC commercial agent..."
Photo of actor Thomas Augusto. Text quote: "Kimberly is one of the best acting coaches I've ever had!"
Photo of actor Skyler Elyse Philpot and actor & coach Kimberly Crandall. Text quote: "Miss Kim is an inspiration that has coached me to book many jobs"
Photo of actor Braxton Herda and actor & coach Kimberly Crandall. Text quote: "We call her Kimberly Magic for a reason"
Photo of actor Joshua Weatherby. Text quote: "Joshua booked a big network episodic immediately after his first session..."
Photo of actor Michele Panu and actress & coach Kimberly Crandall. Text quote: "She is always my first call whenever I get an audition"
Photo of actor Uni Vinalong. Text quote: "She truly knows her stuff about the business."
Photo of twin actors Ansley and Adaline Kerns. Text quote: "Ms. Kimberly is out Mary Poppins"
Photo of Australian actor Sebastien Skubala. Text quote: "She is more than a coach, she is an industry mentor..."
Photo of actor James Pitt. Text quote: "Kimberly is this amazing little powerhouse of Hollywood knowledge."
Photo of actor Anjini Azhar on the redcarpet and with coach Kimberly Crandall. Text quote: "...she helps me bring out the flavor in my acting."
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